Nette is a partner in Pathways Collaborative, a conglomerate of independent consultants helping nonprofit organizations focused on wildlife and wild places achieve their missions through evaluation,strategic planning, education and interpretation program design, exhibit design, and leadership development.

Pathways Collaborative is a Commercial Member of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums.

Nette is the part-time Administrator for the International Zoo Educators Association, supporting the Board of Directors and managing the membership database. IZE engages members worldwide to achieve biodiversity conservation by encouraging sustainable behaviors in people that visit zoos and aquariums.

Nette is an Advisory Council member for the Zoo and Aquarium Focused Interest Group (ZAFIG) at the Visitor Studies Association. The purpose of the ZAFIG is to bring together a community, within VSA, of zoo/aquarium professionals and affiliates who contribute to audience research and evaluation in all aspects of the visitor experience.

Nette is on the Leadership Team of ConsComm, directing research and evaluation. ConsComm brings Conservation & Commerce together with the simple aim of enabling all members to define, refine and replicate best sustainable commercial practice with positive conservation outcomes.

Nette formerly served on the Board of Directors of the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation. NNOCCI aims to change the national discourse around ocean and climate change to be positive, civic-minded, and solutions-focused.