Program and Exhibit Evaluation

Let Beez Kneez Creative help you:

  • Conduct front-end, formative, and summative evaluation of exhibits
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of education programs and materials
  • Build capacity for evaluation within your staff and volunteers

Program and exhibit evaluation impacts

Fresno Chaffee Zoo: Front-end and formative evaluation for the Kingdoms of Asia exhibit, in partnership with Terry O’Connor, LLC. Evaluation methods include community surveys, visitor intercept surveys, online questionnaires, focus groups, and card-sorting exercise. Focus on cultural relevancy around sensitive topics, including wildlife trafficking and the palm oil conservation crisis.

Northwest Trek: Measuring the impact of the Wild Drive/ Tram Tour on guests’ empathy for wildlife, including front-end evaluation, staff training workshops, self-assessments for naturalists, guest survey, and summative evaluation.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium: Ongoing multi-year evaluation of the Wildlife Champions Initiative, focused on measuring empathy and stewardship. The project includes qualitative and quantitative assessments of elementary students and teachers.

Polar Bears International: Multi-year evaluation of the Tundra Connections webcast program to assess which messages are most effective at inspiring conservation action. 

Santa Ana Zoo: Community needs assessment to determine the potential for urban nature programs and to identify ways the Zoo can connect with target audiences on-site and off-site.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park: Evaluation of internal staff training and its impact on the guest experience.

Zoo Miami: Evaluation of the Conservation Teen Scientist program, measuring the impact of the program on teen participants and zoo visitors. Evaluation methods included pre- and post-program questionnaires and personal meaning maps, intercept surveys with visitors, online surveys and focus groups.

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